Love Letters,Are they?

Love Letters to the Dead - Ava Dellaira


What actually is required to sort out a problem is to share it with your closed ones!Your family or your friends or anyone whom you trust.Because sometimes the only solution of the problem is sharing.And that's what Ava Dellaira's novel :'Love Letters to Dead' teaches.

            The style with which ava has presented an emotional as  well as a frightening journey is praise worthy!There are many instances when the reader is awestruck with what has happend to the protagonist.The pain and suffering is so real that many of the people can relate it to.Whether it's about the hesitation of talking to people at the first day of school or being honest with everyone.



(show spoiler)

 Laurel loved her sister (who is dead) very much.It's been one year still she was not able to free herself from that deadly incident.(what  that incident was,well you have to know it for yourself by reading!)In the meantime she began writing letters to all the great personalities and legends most of whom were singers.She began to understand the pain and intention with which they have written and sung songs.She discovered about their life,their sufferings ,their daily struggles etc.Cut short,she began to understand life.She comprehend the poetry and find beauty in it.In all as she was alone from inside she found company in other things.


                But very soon she realized what love means.A kind of love which your friend and family showers on you! And that was the end of her endless pain.


        It may seem to you that something drastic has happened and the very cause is you.And you just take the whole guilt of it forever in your life which does no good other than make your heart heavy and hate yourself but opening it up to someone lift it up like a bubble in the air.